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Can I access Facebook, Google, Youtube in China?

Facebook, Youtube, Google, Twitter, and some other sites are blocked in China.  If you wish to use them you must download VPN software that allows you to use these sites while in China.

How can I set up WeChat Pay or Alipay?

You first will need to set up a Chinese Bank Account.  WeChat will guide you how to set this up in English under the wallet section of the app.  For Alipay you may need the Chinese language abilities of a friend to help you set it up.

Can I use my cell phone in China?

If you own an unlocked standard GSM phone ( such as ATT, T Mobile) you can buy a sim card from here in China.  China Unicom appears to be the best working with foreign passports. Cell phone plans with data will usually cost you 60- 100 RMB per month.

Can I open a Chinese Bank Account?

Yes, bring your passport into a local bank and they can help you. Many banks have at least one english speaking employee. A bank account can be useful for setting up WeChat or Alipay.

What is the difference between X1 and X2 Student Visa’s


X1 is for stays longer than 180 days.  You are required to apply for a temporary residence permit after arrival. After you obtain your residence permit you are allowed to leave to come in and out of the country multiple times.



X2 is for stays longer of 180 days or less. You will only have 1 entry during this period. If you wish to leave China during this 180 days you should apply for an X1 Visa

Can I change from a Tourist Visa to a Student Visa in Xi’an?

Current Visa policies do not allow you to change from a tourist visa to a student or work visa.  You are required to apply at the Chinese consulate your home country or in special situations in Hong Kong or a neighboring Country.

What are the Bus Routes to and from Eurasia University?

162 – From Eurasia’s Main Gate  – 1 RMB – 7:30 pm

      North Route- Stops Mcdonalds before ending at the TV Tower  Metro Stop

      South Route- Stops at Chang An Square ending at Xijing University

 166 – From Eurasia’s Main East Gate -1 RMB- Last Bus at 8 pm

     North Route – Stops at the the South Long Distance Bus Station ending at the TV Metro Stop

     South Route- Stops  at Post and Telecom University ending at Shaanxi Normal New Campus (Pizza Hut+ KFC)

 706 – From Eurasia’s West Gate. Last bus is at 7:30 pm

    North Route- Stops at the City Wall South Gate and the Train Station.

704 – From the  Intersection north of Eurasia’s west Gate. Last Bus is at 8 pm

   North Route – Stops at Old Campus of Shaanxi Normal University,  Xiao Zhai Shopping Area, City Wall South and East Gates.

933 –  From the north of Eurasia’s West Gate.

     North Route-  Passes South Bus Station,Goose Pagoda,Tang Paradise Park. Last bus is at 7:30 pm

408 – From the intersection north of Eurasia’s main east gate.  Last Bus is at 8 pm.

     North Route – Passing TV Tower, Goose Pagoda, Tang Paradise Park, Jiaotong University.

4-13 – Starts from South Gate. Stops running at 5:30 pm

   West Route-

   East/South Route- Stops at Peihua University, and Finance and Economics University

253 – From the Martal Arts Middle School North of the Main East Gate.

  North Route: Stops at Western Gao Xin High Tech Area. Many foreigners and foreign restaurants in that area.

How much will it cost?

It is a priority to make study abroad in China more affordable by offering affordable tuition and assistance with housing placement.


Contact us at to customize your program and learn about costs!

How can I apply for a Visa ?

Visa Process Overview

  1. Apply for our Program
  2. Receive Acceptance Email
  3. Print and China Visa Application Form and  Materials Listed Below.  Semester students will  be mailed official admission letter and Jw202 needed for visa  application.
  4. Apply in Person at Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your Home Country or use a Visa Service Agent.
  5. Pick up your Entry visa several days later!
  6. Come to China, If you are applying for for more than 180 days or multi-entry, you will be required to obtain a Residence permit when you arrive in China. Click here for details.

Materials you will need:

Summer Program – Tourist “L”  Visa 

  • Passport
  • Passport Copy
  • 2×2 photo with plain background
  • China Visa Application form
  • Proof of Residency – Houston and Los Angeles Consulates Only
  • Photocopy of round-trip airline reservation and hotel reservation
  • $140 Normal Service , $160 Rush , $170 Emergency for US Citizens. People from other nationalities pay less, see info at the Chinese consulate in your home country.

Semester Program –   Student Visa –

X1 ( more than 180 / Multi entry)- Requires applying for residence permit in Xi’an. 

X2  (180 days or less/ Single entry)-  no residence permit will be required.

  • Passport
  • Passport Copy
  • 2×2 photo with plain background
  • JW202 or JW201 form
  • China Visa Application form ChinaVisaApplicationForm201309
  • Proof of Residency – Houston Only
  • Admission letter – Original and Photocopy
  • Physical Examination Record ( Washington DC only) – PhysicalExamForm Others will complete the Health Exam in China
  • $140 Normal Service , $160 Rush , $170 Emergency for US Citizens. People from other nationalities pay less, see info at the Chinese consulate in your home country.

List of Overseas Chinese Embassies and Consulates

In the USA, be sure to apply at the proper consulate in living region.

If you don’t live near a consulate mail your passport and materials to a reliable visa service company such as China Visa Service Center

If you get a X1 Visa ( More than 180 /or Multi Entry.) see the FAQ, “How do I apply for a Residence Permit? ”


How can I get my Student Residence Permit?

For X1 Visa:  Apply for China residence Permit within 30 days of arriving in Xi’an,China 

This  has 5 Steps:

1. Registrar and Pay for Tuition and obtain receipt from the University

2. Registering at your local Local Police Station.   University Assistants completing this process which will provide you with the Blue Temporary  Residence Registration form  which you will need to get your residence permit. 

To complete this, you will need:

  • Apartment contract with resident’s name on it.
  • Copy of Landlords ID Card
  •  Proof of residence from Apartment Complex Management
    • To obtain, resident must go to the management office of the apartment complex he or she is residing at and request it. Must have official stamp on the document.
  • Copies of Passport and Visa

Each student must be present at the time all documents are presented.  The PSB office the student should go to will vary depending on the area the student lives at.  Copies of all documentations presented will be taken at the time of registration. Some police station will ask for additional documentation proving your student status.  Bring a copy of your tuition receipt and acceptance letter just in case. In the end you will have a document stamped by the police station that looks something like this:


3. Complete  Health Check at Shaanxi Health Center: University Assistants will bring you here during your 1st week in China.

  • Materials  needed:
    • Photocopy of passport (Can be taken at registration time-¥1)
    • 6 Passport pictures (Can be taken at health center-¥20)
    •  ¥415
  • Process
    • Only 40 health checks are issued every day, so we recommend arriving at least one hour prior to the start of the health checks.
    • Upon entering the building, go immediately to get a registration set up for the health check.  Fill out the paperwork.
    • Passport pictures can be taken in the far back of the room
    • Stand in line to register.  At this point you will pay the 400 rmb and  will be asked what school you are attending.
    • After registration is done, you will be lead through a series of stations to check your health.  You will be given a piece of paper that will need to be stamped as you go, to insure that all stations have been covered.
    • When you arrive to the last station, they will take your stamped sheet and give you a receipt that informs you of when you are going to be able to pick up your health check approval.  In the mean time you will be given a temporary health check clearance.

4. Drop your Passport and Documents off at the Entry Exit  PSB Visa Office. University Assistants help you get there.

  • Materials  needed:
    • Admission Notice from the University
    • Yellow Visa Application Form Page from JW202 Form
    • Physical passport
    • Passport photocopy
      • Picture page
      • Last date of entry stamp page
      • Visa page
    • Health check Certificate photocopy
    • Blue Temporary Residence From  photocopy
    • Tuition Receipt from  university  photocopy
    • Passport pictures
    • 400 RMB for 363 Days or less, 800 for 1 Year or more.
  • Procedure (location of placed might change)
    • On the second floor of the PSB, (not the foreign visa floor) go and take photocopies of all your documents.  This should cost you between 5-10 rmb.
    • Right beside photocopy machines, there is a photo station.  Take pictures (35rmb), and follow instructions as to where to pick them up. (As of December 2013, outside the building) Once you pick up your pictures, have them cut in the little station on the first floor upon entering the PSB building.  Then proceed to the foreign visa office on the third floor.
    • You will need to fill out one, or two paper, depending if you are a first time applicant or simply renewing residency.  Once it is all filled out you wait in line and hand it over to the police officer.  They will inform you if all is correct and in order and will stamp a receipt.  You will then be instructed to go and pay for the visa.
    • Go outside the building, turn to your right and keep walking on the same street until you find an array of open doors.  Enter and go to the line that says “Foreign visa payment”.  Here you will have to pay 400 rmb.  Your receipt will be stamped.
    • Go back once more to the third floor of the previous building and give in the stamped receipt.  At this point you will be able to hand in your physical passport, and the police officer will give you a sheet telling you when to come back to the same office to get your passport back which will have a new stamp that looks like this.

Student Residence Permit

5. After your receive your Residence Permit.  Return to your Local PSB station to give them a copy of your residence permit and fill out a new Registration Form of Temporary Residence.  After this treat yourself to a nice meal or a cup of coffee and then you are done!


What are the housing options ?

Campus Hotel

The hotel on campus is a clean, safe, and convenient option. Each shared room has two beds, air conditioning, and a hot shower.

Off-Campus Apartments

Semester or year-long student often rent safe,
furnished apartments nearby campus. Contact
our staff for assistance.

Contact us at to customize your program and learn about costs!


Are Scholarships and Financial Aid Available?

Currently there are no dedicated scholarship specifically for the Silk Road Start program.  Currently students have funded their studies through a creative fundraising. Check for Scholarship opportunities with your home University and private scholarship foundations.  Stay tuned for future scholarship opportunities.

What are the popular tourist sites in Xi’an?

Xi’an includes some of Chinese most Famous Tourist Destinations:


Terracotta Warriors


Hua Mountain



Bell Tower


Grand Mosque at Muslim Street

Grand Mosque at Muslim Street

The Big Goose Pagoda

China’s Largest Ancient City

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