Visa Process Overview

Summer Program

If you are studying in our 1 Month Summer program,  you should apply for an L Tourist Visa.

  1. Apply for our Program
  2. Receive Confirmation from Program Staff
  3.  Print Application Form and gather the materials below to apply in Person at Chinese Consulate in your  Home Country or use a Visa Service Agent. Email for more detailed guidance on the visa application.
  •  China Visa Application- Fill your in the pdf on your computer then print it.
  • Passport
  • Passport Copy
  • 2×2 photo with a plain background
  • China Visa Application form
  • Proof of Residency – Houston and Los Angeles Consulates Only
  • Photocopy of round-trip airline reservation and hotel reservation
  • $140 Normal Service, $160 Rush, $170 Emergency for US Citizens. People from other nationalities pay less, see info at the Chinese consulate in your home country.


Semester Program

Semester and year-long students should apply for a student visa.  Here is the overview of the process.

  1. Apply for our Program
  2. Receive and Acceptance Email/ Invitation Letter and JW 202 Form
  3.  Print and China Visa Application Form and other Materials Listed Below
  4. Apply in Person at Chinese Consulate or Embassy in your  Home Country or use a Visa Service Agent.
  5. Receive your Student Visa
    1. X1 –  180 or more days/ or multi-entry.
    2. X2 – 180 days or less/ single entry.
  6. X1 Visa Holders ( 180 or more days/ or multi-entry) You must Apply for a Residence Permit within 30 days after arriving in China.

China Visa’s Cost $140 if you apply in person for normal service.  Travel Agency, Shipping, or Rushed Service will be additional fee’s.

entry visaentry visaDetail Instructions

1.  Applying is simple, just fill out our form on the website here.

2.    Semester Students must wait for the Admission/ Invitation Letter and Jw202 forms be mailed to them before applying.  See examples of the documents you should receive from the University.

  • You will receive an Admissions Notice letter from the University and JW202 Form.


  • Jw202 Form Looks like this:


3.  Materials you will need to bring with you to the consulate:

  • Passport
  • Passport Copy
  • 2×2 photo with a plain background
  • JW202 or JW201 form
  • China Visa Application form ChinaVisaApplicationForm201309
  • Proof of Residency –  Los Angles Consulates Only
  • Admission letter – Original and Photocopy
  • Physical Examination Record ( Washington DC only) – PhysicalExamFormOthers will complete the Health Exam in China
  • Houston Consulate –  there is an additional form you need to fill out.  Additional-Info-Form (4)
  • $140 Normal Service, $160 Rush, $170 Emergency for US Citizens.  People from other nationalities pay less, see info at the Chinese consulate in your home country.

4.  If you live near one of the Chinese Consulate, get up early in the morning, bring all of the above materials and get in line!

5.  You will be told your pick up date by the visa officer in the consulate.  Usually, within about 4-5 business days you must return to Consulate and pick up your passport which will have a visa stamp that looks like this.

China Student Visa

You will receive one of 2 types of student visas:

(X1), is a visa for more than 180 days. With this you will be required to complete the steps below within 30 days in order to obtain a residence permit. The advantage is that you can obtain leave and reenter China with this type of visa.

(X2) is a visa for 180 or less. It offers you 1 entry.  If you are planning travel to another country during your time in China you should apply for X1.

For X1 Visa:  Apply for China residence Permit within 30 days of arriving in Xi’an, China 

This  has 5 Steps:

1. Registering at your local Local Police Station.

Chinese law requires this to be completed within 24 hours of arriving in China.  Local staff or volunteers will help you complete this.  This will provide you with the Blue Temporary Residence Registration form which you will need to get your residence permit. 

To complete this, you will need:

  • Apartment contract with resident’s name on it.
  • Copy of Landlords ID Card
  •  Proof of residence from Apartment Complex Management
    • To obtain, the resident must go to the management office of the apartment complex he or she is residing at and request it. Must have the official stamp on the document.
  • Copies of Passport and Visa

Each student must be present at the time all documents are presented.  The PSB office the student should go to will vary depending on the area the student lives at.  Copies of all documentations presented will be taken at the time of registration. Some police station will ask for additional documentation proving your student status.  Bring a copy of your tuition receipt and acceptance letter just in case. In the end, you will have a document stamped by the police station that looks something like this:


2. Registrar and Pay for Tuition and obtain a receipt from the University


3. Complete  Health Check at the Shaanxi International Travel Health Clinic

The Chinese Address for a Taxi is:  陕西国际旅行卫生保健中心

含光北路10号, 陕西检验大厦一层

Staff or volunteers can bring you here during your 1st week in China.

  • Materials  needed:
    • Photocopy of passport (Can be taken at registration time-¥1)
    • 6 Passport pictures (Can be taken at health center-¥20)
    •  ¥415
  • Process
    • Only 40 health checks are issued every day, so we recommend arriving at least one hour prior to the start of the health checks.
    • Upon entering the building, go immediately to get a registration set up for the health check.  Fill out the paperwork.
    • Passport pictures can be taken in the far back of the room
    • Stand in line to register.  At this point, you will pay the 400 rmb and will be asked what school you are attending.
    • After registration is done, you will be lead through a series of stations to check your health.  You will be given a piece of paper that will need to be stamped as you go, to insure that all stations have been covered.
    • When you arrive to the last station, they will take your stamped sheet and give you a receipt that informs you of when you are going to be able to pick up your health check approval.  In the meantime, you will be given a temporary health check clearance.

4. Drop your Passport and Documents off at the Entry Exit  PSB Visa Office.

Chinese Address: 西安市公安局出入境接待大厅

                                 Phone Number (029)87275934
The PSB Visa office is located in the large PSB office next to the TaiBai NanLu Metro Stop.
  • Materials  needed:
    • Admission notice from the university
    • Visa Application form stamped by the university
    • Yellow visa application form page from the JW202 form
    • Physical passport
    • Passport photocopy
      • Picture page
      • Last date of entry stamp page
      • Visa page
    • Health check certificate photocopy
    • Blue temporary residence form  photocopy
    • Tuition receipt from  university  photocopy
    • 4 Passport pictures
    • 400 RMB for 363 Days or less, 800 for 1 Year or more.
  • Procedure
    • On the second floor of the PSB, (not the foreign visa floor) go and take photocopies of all your documents.  This should cost you between 5-10 RMB.
    • Right beside photocopy machines, there is a photo station.  Take pictures (35rmb), and follow instructions as to where to pick them up. (As of December 2013, outside the building) Once you pick up your pictures, have them cut in the little station on the first floor upon entering the PSB building.  Then proceed to the foreign visa office on the third floor.
    • You will need to fill out one, or two papers, depending if you are a first-time applicant or simply renewing residency.  Once it is all filled out you wait in line and hand it over to the police officer.  They will inform you if all is correct and in order and will stamp a receipt.  You will then be instructed to go and pay for the visa.
    • Go outside the building, turn to your right and keep walking on the same street until you find an array of open doors.  Enter and go to the line that says “Foreign visa payment”.  Here you will have to pay 400 RMB.  Your receipt will be stamped.
    • Go back once more to the third floor of the previous building and give in the stamped receipt.  At this point, you will be able to hand in your physical passport, and the police officer will give you a sheet telling you when to come back to the same office to get your passport back which will have a new stamp that looks like this.

Student Residence Permit

5. After you receive your Residence Permit.  Return to your Local PSB station to give them a copy of your residence permit and fill out a new Registration Form of Temporary Residence.  After this treat yourself to a nice meal or a cup of coffee and then you are done!

6. For X2 Visa Holders. 

1. Registrar and Pay for Tuition and obtain a receipt from the University,

2. Registering at your local Local Police Station. – See details under X2 Visa description above.

3. You’re done! Enjoy your time in China!