Semester Chinese Studies Program

Full-time students enroll in our semester-long Chinese studies program at Xi’an Eurasia University. Xi’an Eurasia University provides an excellent immersion environment for building relationships and practicing Chinese.   Our small class sizes are ideal for improving speaking skills necessary for daily life, travel, and work in China.

2018 – 2019 Semester Dates: Sept 3rd – Dec 21st, 2018, Feb 25-June 21, 2019

These classes are for those who want to apply for a student visa a Xi’an Eurasia University for 12 Hours per week of group SRS classes.

Small Group Classes Available (Less than 10 Students):

  • Chinese 101
  • Chinese 102
  • Chinese 201
  • Chinese 401


  • Semester: 9000 RMB
  • School Year: 17,500 RMB                                                                                                                        *One Time Application fee of 400 RMB for new students

Application Deadline:

  • Full-Time Student (for Student Visa): July 15th

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What our past semester students say about learning Chinese with us?

Alba, Fall-Spring,  2013-14

“Our teachers are very good and extremely interactive. We are a small group so we all get individual attention.”

Matt, Fall-Spring 2013-14

“ I can honestly say in just four months my Chinese ability has grown exponentially

Tessa, Fall 2013

“I learned to use Chinese a lot with buying food, like, we had to buy boneless chicken legs one time and I was successful because I knew Chinese”

Paul, Fall-Spring, 2013-14

“I am really grateful to be able to go out, but food, take public transportation, and just generally have more freedom”


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