This past May holiday Silk Road Start students took an overnight sleeper train from Xi’an to visit the beautiful Qinghai province. Qinghai is the home to diverse minority culture and beautiful mountain scenery.

Day 1:

When we woke up from our overnight train ride we were in the province capital Xining.  Here we relaxed at our hostel then went to check out the historic Mosque and explored some of the city’s shopping areas.

Dongguan Si Mosque

Day 2:

We drove to Xia Qiong Tibetan Buddhist temple complex, located in an Amdo Tibetan village on top of a mountain.  We then made our way to the town of Xun Hua, the center the small Salar minority group.


Tibetan Temple Village

tibetan bells

Xining Xun Hua bridge 2015

Day 3:

We hiked and rode donkeys up to Meng Da Lake in the Morning then we returned to Xining and enjoyed our evening in the city.


Mengda lake

Day 4:

We made our way to famous Qinghai Lake. China’s Largest lake, also a sacred place for the local Amdo Tibetans. We had the unique opportunity eat dinner at a Tibetan families home.

Qinghai Lake 2015

Walking to Lake

Xining Sheep

QH Lake Group

Tibetan Family

Tibetan Dress Sara

Day 5:

We woke up to a snowy morning! We continued around the lake and visit Bird Island National Park, then capped off the the trip sledding down sand dunes.


Bird Island rock

Bird Island Bend

Bird Island

Sand Dune 2015 copy

San Dune Group 2015