Part-time study is for students who live in Xi’an and do not require a student Visa.  This can be a good option for English teachers who don’t have time for full-time study yet enjoy the group class environment.

Spring 2018 Small Group Classes :

  • Afternoon: 2x Per Week, 2-4pm, Contact us for details!

1 on 1 Language Study

Contact our staff for inquiries about 1 on 1 Tutoring Options.

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“I learned to use Chinese a lot with buying food, like, we had to buy boneless chicken legs one time and I was successful because I knew Chinese “”
Tessa, Fall
“I am really grateful to be able to go out, but food, take public transportation, and just generally have more freedom”
Paul, Fall
“Our teachers are very good and extremely interactive. We are a small group so we all get individual attention.”
Alba, Fall
““ I felt my language learning has really been accelerated because of his (Ocean) experience as a teacher””
Paul, Fall
““ I can honestly say in just four my my chinese ability has grown exponentially””
Matt, Fall
“From not knowing a single word or sound in Chinese I can now officially get around Xi’an.”
Alba, Fall


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