Silk Road Start students have been getting out to explore many of the less famous historical and natural sites in Xi’an.  Our first trip of the semester in February a group of us took the bus out to Lou Guan Tai National Forest Park(楼观台国家森林公园)for a Hike that took us through a nice bamboo forest.

IMG_8145 copy

Later in the semester a group of us traveled to the renowned Shaanxi History Museum where we  obtained a better grasp of the flow of Chinese history.

IMG_8242 copy

In March, we toured the ruins  Imperial Palace Da Ming Gong (大明宫) from Tang Dynasty period when China was in it’s Golden Age of power.

DMG trip

During the long weekend  for the Chinese Tomb-sweeping Festival (Qing Ming Jie) we took a big group of locals and foreigners on the public bus foreigners to Golden Dragon Canyon (金龙峡景区)。

JLX waterfall

JLG group

JLG Group hike

In April a group went to visit Xi’an’s Grand Mosque which dates from the Tang Dynasty period and the 300 year old Saint Francis Catholic Church.

Version 2


St Francis 300 yrs

Xi’an has so many more historical and natural sites our students and teachers are yet to explore.  I hope you can join us on our next tour!