Silk Road Start China Crash Course Content

The focus of the Chinese Culture Crash course is to help foreign students  develop more  meaningful relationships with Chinese people. Each day important aspects of Chinese cultural worldview and behavior will be taught alongside Chinese survival phrases/ Our program is organized around 4 major culture themes and content is designed be adaptable for programs from 4 days to 4 weeks.

Part 1: 

Cultural Theme: Ancient History

Language Theme: Personal Pronouns, Self -Introductions, Pinyin

Part 2:

Cultural Theme: Family and Friendship Relationships

Language Theme: Numbers and Buying Things

Part 3: 

Cultural Theme: Modern History and Culture

Language Theme: Important Locations and Transportation Directions

Part 4: 

Cultural Theme: Faith and Philosophy in China

Language Themes: Talking about Occupation, Hobbies and Holidays

Off -Campus Tours

  • Terracotta Warriors
  • Shaanxi History Musuem
  • Goose Pagoda
  • Muslim Street
  • Hiking Nearby Mountain

Campus Activities

  • Welcome Party
  • Sports (Frisbee/ Basketball)
  • Dumpling Making Party
  • Visit / Assist English Class
  • English Corner

Sample Schedules

SRS 4 Week China Crash Course

SRS 2 Week China Crash Course

SRS 1 Week China Crash Course


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