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Highlights of 2016

2016 was a full year for Silk Road Start: Chinese Studies Programs at Xi’an Eurasia University.  Here we list 5 highlights from the year:

5.  Exploring Xi’an in the Spring of 2016

Silk Road Students took advantage of the nice spring weather to explore some scenic spots around Xi’an.   See previous post here to see more pictures of their […]

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Exploring Xi’an in the Spring of 2016

Silk Road Start students have been getting out to explore many of the less famous historical and natural sites in Xi’an.  Our first trip of the semester in February a group of us took the bus out to Lou Guan Tai National Forest Park(楼观台国家森林公园)for a Hike that took us through a nice bamboo forest.

Later in the semester a […]

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2015 in Review

Here are some highlights of the past year with Silk Road Start: Chinese Studies Program:

Liberty University Group 

In January we finished up China Crash Course at Xi’an Eurasia University for a group of eager learners from Liberty University.

Spring Semester

One highlight of our semester program at X’an Eurasia University was a trip to western china where students experienced beautiful scenery and diverse […]

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Black River National Forest Park

In July of 2015 a group of Chinese and Foreigners rented a car and drove to Black Forest National Forest Park(黑河国家森林公园) about 3 hours from Xi’an for an overnight camping trip.  The pictures below demonstrate how the adventure was a great success.





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Silk Road Start Qinghai Trip 2015

This past May holiday Silk Road Start students took an overnight sleeper train from Xi’an to visit the beautiful Qinghai province. Qinghai is the home to diverse minority culture and beautiful mountain scenery.

Day 1:

When we woke up from our overnight train ride we were in the province capital Xining.  Here we relaxed at our hostel […]

Coffee Shops in Xi’an’s University City

Few things soothe culture shock like the relaxing atmosphere of a good coffee shop.  The southern part of Xi’an, called University City (大学城),  has an increasing amount of coffee shops where our students like to get away from it all and drink some good coffee.
Silk Road Coffee

Silk Road Coffee is a local owned coffee shop that is […]

Hiking at Lou Guan Tai National Forest

Lou Guan Tai  is the site where Lao Zi  wrote the Dao De Jing about 2600 years ago (道德经, also written as Tao Te Ching).  This books is central to the Taoist faith, which is one of the few religions with Chinese origins.  Any place where a major world religion is inspired must be beautiful, right? […]

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5 Chinese Learning Resources

Based on 4 years in China in addition to some  time study in the USA at his University.   Silk Road Start Founder and Resident Director Joseph Worcester lists five of his most important language learning resources. When giving advice for language learning, I always emphasize the importance of  practicing listening comprehension.  Nothing will help […]

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Climbing Hua Shan Moutain

Several hour from Xi’an’s University City lies Hua Shan, one of China’s 5 most famous mountains.   This mountain is full of history, legend, and religious significance.  It is known by some to be the world’s most precipitous ( dangerous) hiking mountain.

The mountain is very popular with students and people of all ages.  University students love to hike […]

Successful Summer Program 2014

This past month summer Silk Road Start held 3 small group classes and 2 tutoring classes with a total of 28 students.    Our students had a great time with our teachers learning basic Chinese language and culture.  Here are pictures and some quotes from our students time with us.

Welcome Parties for our Groups at Eurasia […]

What Students say!

“I learned to use Chinese a lot with buying food, like, we had to buy boneless chicken legs one time and I was successful because I knew Chinese “"
Tessa, Fall 2013
“Our teachers are very good and extremely interactive. We are a small group so we all get individual attention."
Alba, Fall 2013
"I felt my language learning has really been accelerated because of his (Ocean) experience as a teacher"
Paul, Fall 2013
"The Chinese language and culture class I took was not only educational, but fun!"
Monique, Summer 2013
"This experience was one of my favorites of all time!"
Walt, Summer 2013
"The class was awesome! I looked forward to class every day. Our teacher was very good."
Matt, Summer 2013
"I am really grateful to be able to go out, but food, take public transportation, and just generally have more freedom"
Paul, Fall 2013
"Our teacher taught us wonderful things about China's history and culture and used helpful teaching techniques such as videos and songs to enhance learning."
Dakota, Summer 2013
"I can honestly say in just four my my chinese ability has grown exponentially"
Matt, Fall 2013
"Our language teacher was amazing. He was super encouraging and really helped me understand the basics of the language."
Lucy, Summer 2013
"The Silk Road Start program's culture class was invaluable in providing me with a broad overview of Chinese history and what makes Shaanxi special."
Bernice, Summer 2013
"From not knowing a single word or sound in Chinese I can now officially get around Xi’an."
Alba, Fall 2013
"I have been falling in love with the campus and the city when i got here, and i planned to come back next year for there summer program."
Matt, Summer 2013

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