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Over 230 international students have participated in Silk Road Start Chinese Studies programs in the past 5 years.  Silk Road Start Chinese Studies programs are operated as a partnership between Silk Road Start Global Study Programs LLC (USA),  Tian Tong Cultural Consulting LLC (China) and local Xi’an universities.  We have run quality summer and semester Chinese studies programs at Xi’an Eurasia University since 2013 (For More Info on Eurasia University Click Here) and summer Chinese Culture exchange programs at Xi’an University of Posts and Telecom (2014) and Xijing University ( 2015, 2017). We also partner with Consortium for Global Education (CGE) to offer a Semester Study Abroad program to students from their network of over 40 private universities.

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Why Study in Xi’an?

Xi’an was once the capital of 13 imperial dynasties, the starting point of the Silk Road, and home of the famous Terracota Warriors.  Currently it is Northwest China’s most important city and one of China’s leading cites in University education, high tech and aerospace industries districts.

“I had a great experience in Xian! It was amazing seeing the rich historical sights like the Terra-cotta Warriors! I loved meeting the locals and really discovering what life was like in China. I also loved the food. If you are interesting in going with Silk Road Start I want to encourage you not to wait a second longer it will likely be the trip of a lifetime!”
David W, California, USA
” I am an expat who has travelled all over China and Xi’an is one of the most amazing places in the country! It has a charming mix of ancient history and globalization. Also, the people are some of China’s friendliest and the food is hands down China’s tastiest!”
Grace L, Tennessee, USA
” Xi’an is an awesome city! I have spent three summers there and have many, many fond memories. I have enjoyed the rich history of the area as well as making many friends with university students there. “
Tim P, Colorado, USA
” I love the history and depth of the culture in the city itself, as well as what my friends shared with me about their families from all over the country. “
Sarah S, Kansas, USA
I love Xi’an for so many reasons: the city is easy to figure out, the public transportation is great, the food is delicious, and the people are friendly and kind.
Shannon E, Colorado, USA
” I love Xi’an because there are college students everywhere! The city is beautiful with such a rich history, and there are many different Chinese ethnic groups to interact with. There’s a lot to do in the city, so I never got bored”
Chris P, Kansas, USA
” If you’re looking for a riveting experience of a lifetime, then this is for you! Fall in love with the people and the culture through the hospitality, the convenience of the city, and most of all the detailed language classes given by Ocean. “
Hazy K, Kansas, USA

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