2016 was a full year for Silk Road Start: Chinese Studies Programs at Xi’an Eurasia University.  Here we list 5 highlights from the year:

5.  Exploring Xi’an in the Spring of 2016

Silk Road Students took advantage of the nice spring weather to explore some scenic spots around Xi’an.   See previous post here to see more pictures of their travels.  Pictured below is hiking trip with local student at Golden Dragon Canyon.


JLG group

4.  2016 Xi’an International City Wall Marathon 5k

Students and teachers from Eurasia enjoyed competing the 2016 Xi’an International City Wall Marathon 5k Race. Eurasia teachers took 1st place is both the mens and womens international division.


3.  Eurasia Chinese Corner

Eurasia University students organized a Chinese Corner to help our students practice Chinese.


2.  Growing Program Diversity   

Silk Road Start Short term and semester programs included students from 8 nationalities including USA, Canada, Vietnam, Paraguay, Angola, South Korea, Israel, and Russia!  The picture below includes 21 of our summer program students while visiting the Terra-cotta Warriors.


  1. Partnership with the Consortium for Global Education

During 2016 Silk Road Start hosted it’s first semester student from its partnership with the Consortium for Global Education (CGE) study abroad programs. CGE is a network of over 43 private Universities representing over 100,000 students.   See the semester program listing here:  www.cgedu.org/xian  for more information. We look forward to continuing our partnership in 2017.
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