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What Students say!

“I learned to use Chinese a lot with buying food, like, we had to buy boneless chicken legs one time and I was successful because I knew Chinese “”
Tessa, Fall 2013
“Our teachers are very good and extremely interactive. We are a small group so we all get individual attention.”
Alba, Fall 2013
“I felt my language learning has really been accelerated because of his (Ocean) experience as a teacher”
Paul, Fall 2013
“The Chinese language and culture class I took was not only educational, but fun!”
Monique, Summer 2013
“This experience was one of my favorites of all time!”
Walt, Summer 2013
“The class was awesome! I looked forward to class every day. Our teacher was very good.”
Matt, Summer 2013
“I am really grateful to be able to go out, but food, take public transportation, and just generally have more freedom”
Paul, Fall 2013
“Our teacher taught us wonderful things about China’s history and culture and used helpful teaching techniques such as videos and songs to enhance learning.”
Dakota, Summer 2013
“I can honestly say in just four my my chinese ability has grown exponentially”
Matt, Fall 2013
“Our language teacher was amazing. He was super encouraging and really helped me understand the basics of the language.”
Lucy, Summer 2013
“The Silk Road Start program’s culture class was invaluable in providing me with a broad overview of Chinese history and what makes Shaanxi special.”
Bernice, Summer 2013
“From not knowing a single word or sound in Chinese I can now officially get around Xi’an.”
Alba, Fall 2013
“I have been falling in love with the campus and the city when i got here, and i planned to come back next year for there summer program.”
Matt, Summer 2013
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